Samantha and Brian Wedding 2015

We are so thrilled you will be joining us for our special celebrations! Below is more information on our ceremony and reception on Sunday, September 6 which will pertain to a small group of our close family. Below you will also find information on our big wedding celebration the following day on Monday, September 7 (Labor Day). Everyone is welcome to this wedding celebration on Monday–a potluck picnic! Please help us keep this webpage private and among those invited and their guests. Thank you!

We love you all!

Samantha and Brian

Sunday, September 6, Four o’clock

Samantha and Brian Lawton 2015 - Photo by Michael George PhotographyStrawberry Hill Mansion on Baldpate Mountain, Ted Stiles Preserve
28 Fiddlers Creek Road
Titusville, NJ 08560

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After-party to continue with a bonfire and s’mores at Brian’s childhood home!
995 Highland Road, Newtown, PA 18940

Information on Strawberry Hill at Ted Stiles Preserve on Baldpate Mountain:BaldpateTree
Strawberry Hill Mansion is not a “mansion” in the traditional sense. It was the estate of the Kuser family, who owned the land that has now become part of the Mercer County Park System. In addition to the house, there is also a newly-renovated patio overlooking the Delaware River Valley where we will dance and dine! Our ceremony will take place outside the mansion. The reception will exist throughout the mansion, with the tables for dinner and dance floor with live band outside on the patio under a large tent.

Baldpate Mountain is just beautiful with its lovely scenery, massive trees, gravel walks, grassy hills, and wildflowers. That being said, choose your footwear and attire wisely. We welcome you to dress up however you feel your best, while also taking in consideration the heat and comfortability of being outside! There will be tents set up in case of heat or poor weather but plan to be outside for most of the day.

Getting to and Parking at Strawberry Hill Mansion (it’s slightly tricky!)
**When all else fails, look for the “Lawton” blackboard signs!**
The Strawberry Hill Mansion is located at Baldpate Mountain, a Mercer County Park in NJ. The park is a lesser known one and signage directing you there from main roads is limited to non-existent. The entrance to the drive is not well marked and may be easily missed.

A white and brown “gate” marks the driveway up the mountain from Fiddlers Creek Road. Shortly past that gate, on your left hand side (for all guests arriving via Route 29), there is a public parking area that is marked. If you miss the driveway up the mountain, feel free to turn around here. Parking for wedding guests will be provided near the mansion at the top of the mountain. Please do not park in the public parking lot at the bottom of the hill as it is a long and steep walk up a dirt road! 

The road up the mountain is narrow, winding, wooded, and in most places only one lane. Please take caution. When the drive opens up at the bottom of the mansion grounds, please continue on up the hill to the mansion. Parking is available once you drive past the mansion. A park ranger will be available to assist you in parking.

[Editor’s Note: this description was largely “borrowed” from the website of another couple getting married at Baldpate, who also “borrowed” it from another couple getting married at Baldpate. And just like they said, it’s not plagarism if I admit to its theft, right?]

Recommended Stay: Comfort Inn
7 South Pennsylvania Avenue, Morrisville, PA, 19067, US
Phone: (215) 428-2600
>> Click here for information, reviews, and to book at Comfort Inn

Recommended Stay: Hampton Inn & Suites Newtown
1000 Stony Hill Road, Yardley, PA 19067
Phone: (215) 860-1700
>> Click here for information and to book at Hampton Inn & Suites
>> When booking at Hampton Inn & Suites, reserve under the “Lawton/Siegel” block
All rooms remaining contain one single king bed.

Monday, September 7, Noon
Samantha and Brian Lawton 2015 - Photo by Michael George Photography

995 Highland Road, Newtown, PA 18940
Please bring a potluck item (and it’s appropriate serving utensil!) for the picnic!

This event will be relaxed and informal, and last until about 4:00pm, or whenever people decide to leave!

>> Click here to let us know you’re coming and what you’ll be bringing for the potluck!
(If you haven’t already!)

Need inspiration on what to bring to for the potluck? Check back here to see what items are being brought by others! We’ll keep this list up-to-date as we hear what people are bringing!

– Melon and Mint Salad
– Feta Cheese Dip
– Veggie Tray
– Cucumber and Tomato Salad
– Guacamole and Crackers/Chips
– Black Bean & Corn Salad
– Homemade Pretzels
– “Ugly Dip”
– Fruit Salad
– Selection of fine cheeses and cured meats
– Pasta Salad
– Summer Salad
– Pulled Pork and Deviled Eggs
– Macaroni and Cheese
– Roasted Summer Squash Salad
– Polish specialties (pierogi/danishes)
– Salmon Pinwheels
– Sandwich/wraps, and mini wraps
– Tray of Eggplant Parmesan
– Arroz con Pollo
– BBQ Ribs
– Cookies
– Bahamas Brownies
– S’mores ingredients
– Louisiana Crunch Cake
– Cheesecake
– Apple Pie
– Key Lime Pie
– Coffee and Tea
– There will some wine and beer, but if you want to ensure there is enough for your drinking pleasure, we recommend BYOB! 🙂

Van Service for travelers from NYC

For those coming from NYC the day of wedding celebration on Monday, we will have a van service picking folks up at Hamilton Station on the NJ Transit train line to ease your travel! The van will be running all day to pick folks up and drop you back off for your travel home. Just look for the “Lawton” sign in the van windows!

Below is information to assist you on your departure from NYC and return from PA. We will have it printed out at the party so you see at what times the van is leaving to drop folks off at the train station. So that you also have it in your pocket, here is the info you need!


Departing New York Penn Station Arriving Hamilton Station
10:14am 11:33am
11:14am 12:33pm
12:14pm 1:33pm
1:14pm 2:33pm
1:55pm 3:19pm
2:14pm 3:33pm


Departing Picnic Party Departing Hamilton Station Arriving New York Penn Station
12:00 12:23 1:44
1:03 2:33
1:00 1:24 2:44
2:06 3:34
3:03 4:33
3:00 3:34 4:53
4:08 5:37
4:00 4:24 5:48
5:08 6:36
4:50 5:25 6:48
5:40 6:08 7:36
6:27 7:48
6:30 7:03 8:32
7:30 8:03 9:33
8:30 9:03 10:32


Samantha and Brian Lawton 2015

Your presence is a present! You are absolutely in no way required to give a gift, especially as we’ve requested for you to bring an item for our potluck on the Monday celebration. If you so wish to purchase a material gift, feel free to visit our online registry below. We thank you in advance for the many ways you support us!

>> Click here for items, experiences, and funds to contribute for our new life together!:

Items can also be mailed to:
Samantha and Brian Lawton
995 Highland Road
Newtown, PA 18940

Top three photos by Michael George Photography!