Thank you so much for your love and support!

Well, it’s been a whirlwind since being married! So much so, that we finally started really going through our official photos you know, *three months later*, and are finally getting our formal thank you cards out this week. Ugh. We are the worst! We are SO THANKFUL for all of you! We are just so sorry we couldn’t have sent a letter telling you specifically how incredible we think you are until now. Please forgive us!

Here are fabulous photos by our incredible friend Michael George, who captured our wedding portraits, and the talented Jane Kratochvil and second shooter Walter Wlodarczyk who captured our ceremony, reception, and Jane also captured our wedding picnic the next day!

Please feel free to use any shots on social media, just be sure add proper photo credit, and please do not crop! Social Media information for the photographers:

Michael George
Facebook: Michael George Photography:
Instagram: @migeophoto

Jane Kratochvil
Facebook: Jane Kratochvil Photography
Instagram: @janekratochvil

>> Wedding portraits by Michael GeorgeMGP_5833

>> Ceremony by Jane Kratochvil

>> Before and after the ceremony by Jane Kratochvil

>> Reception by Jane Kratochvil

>>Picnic Day Wedding Celebration by Jane Kratochvil

>>Picnic Day Photo Booth by A Plus Photo Booths
password: 3429