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 >> Samantha and Brian Demo Reel

>> Samantha and Brian Performances

All choreography by Samantha and Brian Lawton

“The Lady’s in Love with You”, 1930’s-1940’s High-Energy Lindy Hop

A high-flying Lindy Hop routine, filled with high-energy tricks and flips!

“On a Slow Boat to China”, “Silver Screen” Elegant Swing

A romantic and graceful “Fred and Ginger” routine to make you swoon.

“Two Sleepy People”, Theatrical Foxtrot

What do you get when you mix Foxtrot, Swing, and Hollywood-style dancing? This piece.

“Five Foot Two”, 1920’s Charleston

A classic 1920’s Charleston routine that milks the audience’s applause!

“Moonlite” by Goodnight Circus, Choreography by Caleb Teicher

screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-5-58-14-pmWe loved working with Caleb Teicher in this piece as it highlights so many facets we have trained in and are interested in integrating: swing, jazz, musical theater, and of course, humor. In this piece Brian thought he invited Samantha over just for a cozy date. Samantha misinterpreted and decided to bring over a collection of her craziest friends. Chaos ensues.

Main Characters, first to be seen in video>>


>> Music Videos

“Go Robot” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Directed by Tota Lee, Choreographer by Netta Yerushalmy

Dispersed throughout the video you’ll see us dancing Netta Yerushalmy’s unique modern/contemporary choreography and also little bits of Lindy Hop. To spot us: Brian is wearing a fedora, red mesh tank and suspenders, and Samantha is wearing a red wrap dress with open back, with hair in a bun with a wrap around it. Don’t blink! You can spot us in little bits throughout!

“C’est juste un tango” by Carte Blanche
Choreography by Samantha and Brian

Discover bits and pieces of us telling the story of a couple finding each other to embrace for a romantic and sensual American Tango.

“Weird” from Brass Heart the Musical, written by Jessica Wu
Choreography by Samantha and Brian

Enjoy this quirky, sexy music video, a swing dance about online dating.

>> Student Choreography

Each spring and fall we offer a performance class that gets to debut their routine at the packed 92nd Street Y Ballroom Parties as well as the swing community’s Frim Fram Jam. We have had three incredibly successful performance classes so far–our students are so talented! Click here for links to the 2013 and 2014 performances:

Fall 2014 Performance Class: Leap Frog
Spring 2014 Performance Class: Exactly Like You
Fall 2013 Performance Class: Song of India

Spring 2013 Performance Class: Orange Colored Sky

>> Instructional Videos

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>> Press

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Samantha and Brian Lawton - Photo by Michael George Photography


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