Fall Performance Class

Videos will be presented in reverse-chronological order, so that the most recent videos will be at the top!

Week 9
Y’ALL LOOK AMAZING!!!! Keep practicing every day leading up to the performance so you feel super comfortable the day of. Don’t look down! Be happy! Look at your partner! Look at the audience! Have fun! Yippee!!

Week 8
Sorry the video is pretty far away this time.
I dance Jenny’s role the entire routine, but beware that I jump in for Emily’s solo at the very end (you’ll both know which part).
Practice, practice, practice! This week’s the week!!

Week 7
We’re having trouble uploading this video! Coming soon!

Week 6
Keep reviewing and listening to the music these next two weeks. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Week 5

Week 4 was a major review day with some new choreography. Sam messed up the ending counts, so no need to share a video of the incorrect footwork!

Week 3
Samantha and Emily Front View (Samantha leader, Emily follower)
**Reference this video to work on the new choreography!

Front View (Group)

Week 2

Samantha and Brian Front View
The first 30 seconds is in the perspective of Emily and Michael’s choreography and location in formation.
After :30, we fast-forward to the end collective choreography, which is the same as Jenny and Yasu’s solo choreography in the beginning. Beware: Brian forgets the left-rock turn!!

Class Front View

Tick Tock Review

Week 1

Samantha and Brian Front View
in the perspective of Emily and Michael’s choreography and location in formation

Class Front View

Class Back View

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