Fall 2014 Performance Class

These videos are in opposite chronological order so the most recent video is on the top of the page! You will find a description of each video so you know what figures and choreography we worked on each week for easy reference.

Click here to access the song, “Leap Frog”Or, find the original email we sent out on September 10 (subject title to search: “”Leap Frog” – Performance Class song (multiple tempos)”).

Choreography in words:

1. jockey
2. swing outs
3. Lindy circle
4. kick-ups
5. kick -up variation
6. jig walks
7. swingout to the side with follows footwork variation
8. whip with extra rotation to corner
9. switches, jump on 7
10. 8-count tuck turn
11. reverse pecking
12. inside turn with footwork variations to kick forward on 1
13. traveling Charleston brings you to semi-circle formation

14. SOLO SECTION – Time markers matched with the 90% tempo
**To clarify right now you are only listening to your sections and getting inspiration. We want to collaborate with you on these sections so we feel like YOU come out of your solos, and we will ultimately choreograph them in the end. If there are certain moves you really want to have in there to highlight your abilities we don’t want to limit you! Let us know what you might want in there!

0:51 Josef and Lindsey
1:01 Tim/Emily and Adam/Shuping
1:12 Jaime breaks through (everyone runs around)
1:18 Jaime begins again
1:28 Steve
1:45 Elena and Amira
2:06 aerials

15. Fast forward to the end and repeat 1-9 as a NEW leader or NEW follower (REMEMBER, NEW shimmy part!!)
16. shouts- NEW leaders: two shouts, turn new follow on second shout in an inside turn; NEW follower: one shout, hop hop with feet together in turn over left shoulder



Week 11

Week 10
Here is the whole middle section with all of the choreography of the solos plus the background choreography. We’re almost there folks!! KEEP PRACTICING!!!

Week 8
The entire routine mapped out! Very roughly mapped out, but mapped out none-the-less! As of now, the piece is four counts of eight away from being completely finished! Woohoo!

Week 7
Shouts, NEW follows inside turn, and BOW…. FIN.

Tonight, we also began to discuss solo sections in the middle. We will add more detailed times and descriptions above soon. For now, the bow:

Week 6

Here you are doing the partner role-switch yourselves! Watch us do the full choreography below (from Week 5) to again review your role switching. We will send out an email update of the individual parts you will have in the middle section to begin brainstorming things you might want to do!

Week 5
We reviewed a bunch to feel more comfortable with the choreography as it stands now. Only thing new is for the new leaders and new followers to to continue learning their new parts of the ending choreography.

Here is a video of us doing the choreography in full, captured from behind, in hopes it will aid in review. Remember, Brian’s a jerk and messed up the Lindy Circle. There should NOT be a hop down in the Lindy Circle. Make sure your footwork is 1, 2, triple step, step, step triple step. Jerk.

Week 4
traveling Charleston step to make semi-circle formation for solo time, and fast forward to end of song for partner role switch

Please review the choreography you learned as a new leader or new follower! Here is the review video from Week 1 when you learned it under your first role. We apologize the sound cuts out for a moment in the middle!

And here’s your video of you doing it so you can watch yourselves!

Week 3
Switches, 8 count tuck turn, pecking, inside turn end with a kick

Week 2
swing out with footwork variation, whip with extra rotation

Week 1
Swingouts, kick-ups and variation

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