Jacob’s Pillow with Caleb Teicher & Company

20294153_10159187389915422_4297909470321626162_nWell, Brian got his moment to dance with Caleb without Samantha (at Fire Island Dance Festival) , and then Samantha got her moment to perform without Brian! Caleb called Samantha offering a fun request: to perform a solo as a “short” to warm up to the “feature-length” that was Caleb’s duet with Nathan, “Meet Ella”. And along with the promise of an easy-going and fun curtain call as a trio, Samantha was in!

It is difficult to describe the style of the solo Samantha performed, as it included modern, contemporary, vernacular jazz, ballet, tumbling, “competition jazz”, and theatrical elements. The curtain call was equally as fun and hilarious. Case in point:

Caleb Teicher and Company - Nathan Bugh - Samantha Lawton - Jacob's Pillow - 2017Photo by Marni Larose

Jacob’s Pillow is a prestigious venue held in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, housing the very best of dance in three venues, two indoor spaces, and one outdoors, the Inside/Out stage. We’ve also performed on the Inside/Out stage together once before with Michael Jagger and Evita Arce‘s Syncopated City Dance Company (then Swing FX), and it was an absolute honor to return.

Learn more about Jacob’s Pillow, and support dance! >> jacobspillow.org

As photos and video come out we will be sure to share!

Samantha Lawton - Jacob's Pillow - Caleb Teicher and Company - Inside/Out 2017

Photo by Christopher Duggan