Intrepid: Battle of the Big Bands 2016


New York City - Intrepid: Battle of the Big Bands - Photo by Jane Kratochvil
Photo by Jane Kratochvil

Wow, what a weekend at Intrepid: Battle of the Big Bands over Memorial Day Weekend!  It was an incredible event hosted by Patrick Soluri of Prohibition Productions. The organizers, staff, musicians, dancers, media… everyone was on their A-game to create a truly epic event in the swing community, Samantha and Brian Lawton - Swing Dance and Lindy Hop Dancers and Instructors - New York City - Intrepid - Battle of the Big Bands - Photo by Will Luongand in New York swing history! We performed two routines choreographed by Gaby Cook  in which we were partners for one and then swapped for Brian to partner Gaby and Samantha to partner Peter Bullen. We also last-minute decided to join the swing dance contest–of which we have never entered a competition of this sort–and we had a total blast and took home 1st place! There is a huge rush that comes over you with improvisational competing since everything is being created, led, and followed, right on the spot! It was a blast doing “mini-performances” in the competition next to wonderful friends. The entire evening was phenomenal in so many respects and we are hopeful for this spectacular event to become a yearly bash!

Photos of our performance by Byron Hon

Photos of the competition by Jane Kratochvil