Roaring Twenties at the Rainbow Room

Samantha and Brian Lawton - NYC Swing and Lindy Hop Dancers and InstructorsIt was a reunion on top of the city–The stars aligned for this crew of beautiful people to come together and perform at the Rainbow Room tonight! It was an extravagant evening to say the least, and it left us thinking how lucky we are to be able to share the Charleston and Lindy Hop in so many places to so many new faces. To warm up the space, we social danced to live music first of the electro-swing genre, and then to Frank Sinatra and Rat Pack classics. Later on in the evening we performed a routine put together by fellow dancers Gaby Cook and Nathan Bugh alongside other great friends Michael Jagger, Evita Arce, Bobby White, and Erin Keddie.  Everyone in the group leads quite busy lives that have us traveling to share the jazz era dances near and far across the globe, so it was truly a treat to have us all in the same place at the same time just for this beautiful event.

We’ve been traveling so much recently, but our home always calls us back. And though we call NYC our home, we often forget how remarkable of a place this is. As we stood at the top of Rockefeller Center and looked at the Empire State Building it was simply breathtaking, even though we have seen this view many times before. The feeling was overwhelming… we are so gosh darn lucky to live in New York City.

Samantha and Brian Lawton NYC Swing and Lindy Hop Dancers and Instructors in NYC