United Nations Youth Assembly

Tonight in New York City, we performed at the United Nations Youth Assembly Cultural Night along side fellow dancers Ray and Anastacia Davis as a part of The Vanaver Caravan. We presented Swing, Salsa, and Hip-Hop to the delegates–with us taking on swing, and Ray and Anastacia at the helm of Salsa and Hip-Hop! We performed social improvisations of Swing–first a smooth dance to a classic song, then an upbeat solo jazz and Shim Sham performance, and then we concluded with an electro-swing song to draw a connection to music that perhaps is closer to current mainstream. We had a great time performing for such a receptive audience who are already primed to being open to others’ cultures and interests. It was an incredible opportunity to perform for such inspired individuals from so many counties all sitting in the same room together. We encouraged them and hope we truly inspired the group to find local dance classes in their home area… and especially to seek out Lindy Hop, Salsa, and Hip-Hop in their own countries!

Click here to see a quick 16-second grab of our improvised electro-swing performance!