Upcoming Adventures in India with The Shakti-Caravan!

UPDATE 2/15: We have returned from our month-long stay in India and have MUCH to share. Blog posts coming shortly!


This January, we have the remarkable opportunity to travel to India and we are more than thrilled for the adventures ahead. We will be traveling with The Vanaver Caravan, a world dance and music company that we regularly perform with in New York, who will continue their work in India under their new umbrella, Shakti-Caravan: www.shakticaravan.com

Endorsed by Arun Gandhi (grandson of Mahatma Ghandi), Shakti-Caravan brings arts education, martial arts, self-defense classes for women, performance, and environmental action programs to Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Auroville. We will be joining the Caravan’s adventure in Jodhpur where we will be teaching world dances to a school system there (like our K-12), and of course we will be sharing our specialty, the authentic American forms of swing, Lindy Hop, and Charleston!

We have worked with the Caravan for many years now, and it is truly a blessing to be a part of this loving family. The directors, Livia and Bill Vanaver, are of the purest of heart and wish for love and freedom of expression for all individuals. Every single life on this earth is important to them and they want to change (and have changed!) lives with sharing all forms of music and dance. We are thrilled to spend this glimpse of time in India with them, in their span of incredible work for over 40 years.

We share this with you as The Vanaver Caravan is a non-profit organization which needs supporters who believe that their work is great and should continue on. More specifically for this project, and for the two of us in particular, we are seeking contributions to the cost of our flights: NYC—> Delhi, Jodhpur —> Chennai, Chennai —> NYC. If you have it in your heart, and of course, in your pocketbook, please do consider supporting our travel to India by earmarking this India project in your donation. It is also a great way to fit in those last tax write-offs for 2015!

>> To donate to The Vanaver Caravan and the sharing of world dance and music in India, please click here: http://vanavercaravan.org/donatepage

Thank you ALL so much for your love and support through all! We look forward to sharing our stories with you from afar.

To learn more about The Vanaver Caravan and the work they do in the U.S. please visit: http://www.vanavercaravan.org

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