Staging SWING! for Norwegian Cruise Line

12301575_919809941439980_3150365881967720786_nWe have returned to the Norwegian Creative Studios here in Tampa, Florida, and this time instead of being hired as dancers, we have been promoted to Production Show Stagers to direct the Broadway show SWING! Over the course of this week in Tampa we will be ensuring the cast of dancers and singers about to re-board the Norwegian Pearl are all ready to go, after having a month break. It’s been a grand reunion for us as we get to work with fellow cast-mates who we performed with on the Pearl this year! (These talented folks continued the contract up until October, while we got off earlier to accommodate our wedding in September!) It’s been such a fun experience refreshing SWING! with them so they’re prepared to head out back to the seas. We will miss performing with them dearly!

This week we have also had the phenomenal opportunity to work Travis Payne and Stacy Walker as they set choreography for the Michael Jackson section for Legends in Concert, another main stage show on the Pearl. Travis and Stacy choreographed for Michael Jackson and also performed with him. It makes the experience so incredible learning the true and authentic choreography of Smooth Criminal, Thriller, and more from artists who were so close with Michael. It’s a blast truly learning Thriller in a rehearsal room with them…it’s nothing like watching YouTube and trying to pick it up like we’ve all done at some point! It also makes the experience so bittersweet knowing they once toured with Michael performing these choreographies they are setting on the Pearl cast… We feel blessed to even be able to be a part of it.

So that you too can re-experience the incredible talent that is Michael Jackson, please enjoy binge-watching his music videos, Smooth Criminal and Thriller: