Intermediate/Advanced Lindy Hop Workshops – Friday, November 20

We are so excited for our upcoming workshops geared for the experienced Lindy Hopper. If you consider yourself of an intermediate or advanced level and feel comfortable and confident in your swingout, we’d love to have you for this unique set of workshops!

Intermediate/Advanced Lindy Hop Workshops
Friday, November 20
6:30-8:00pm Lindy Laws of Rhythmic Motion
8:00-9:30pm Lindy Equations
520 Eighth Avenue, 17th Floor, Studio 17C
(Ripley-Grier Studios)


Lindy Laws of Rhythmic Motion* (6:30-8:00pm)
Swing theories, fun exercises, and rhythmic figures galore! This workshop is for the experienced Lindy Hopper who wants to explore more into understanding and applying swing theories and really delving into the rhythmic nature of the dance. This workshop will be a playground in which we seek open conversation about your trials and tribulations, test out what works on different follows and leads, and create a space where nothing you (safely) do is wrong… just a variation!

Lindy Equations* (8:00-9:30pm)
Passed the concepts and the theory, you just want some new “equations” on the dance floor! We will teach you a variety of fun, cool, awesome, new, daring, and exciting moves and give you the tools to solve these equations efficiently in order to lead to the same solution each time! (Translates to: using our knowledge of the inner workings of swing theories, let’s apply them and have a fun time learning fancy new moves!)

*Pre-requisite for workshops: students should feel comfortable and confident in their swingout. Though it is tough to put labels on Lindy Hop levels, these classes are geared for experienced swing dancers of intermediate and advanced knowledge.