Re-Opening of Swing 46

Samantha and Brian Lawton - NYC Swing Dancers and Instructors - Swing 46 - Photo by Margaret Batiuchok
Photo by Margaret Batiuchok

While we were away on the Norwegian Pearl for a greater portion of this year, we truly missed going out social dancing at our favorite venues, studios, and clubs in NYC. So when we returned, naturally we were excited to return to one of our favorites, Swing 46! When we were on the ship, Swing 46 had closed for renovations, and the swing dance scene here in New York City really felt the loss of such a great jazz event. Fortunately, upon our return, Swing 46 was ready to re-open to the public and we were so excited to be a part of it! (It felt “closed” to us for all the time we were away from the city!). We were so excited to have returned to this fantastic jazz and supper club in the heart of Times Square that we danced there three times in the first week of its re-opening!

If you are in New York City, you must take advantage of the incredible venue that is Swing 46, the only club to provide live jazz and a free dance lesson every night of the week in the city! Tuesday nights with George Gee Swing Orchestra are a hot night with a “Dancer Discount” for the cover charge, so you’ll see a large surge of dancers that night. Follow George Gee Swing Orchestra and Swing 46 on Facebook to know when to take advantage of this great deal!

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Photo by Byron Hon of us in a jam circle!
Photo by Byron Hon of us dancing in a jam circle!