New York City, we’re coming home!

We cannot believe our time aboard the Norwegian Pearl has come to an end. It has been a heck of a ride performing SWING!, Legends in Concert, and Pure Variety each week for the past six months. There are so many stories to share (and many more photos to come!) of our adventures at port—hiking to ice caves in Alaska, dancing bachata with an instructor in Mexico despite having a verbal language barrier, exploring the beautiful Buchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada, getting some down time on the beach in Aruba… the list goes on for our land adventures. Those adventures represent a small percentage of our time and focus among our travels. And though those experiences were lovely, living on a ship is incredibly hard. The majority of the crew, outside the Production Cast, are away from their families for up to eight months at a time with only up to two months vacation before repeating the cycle. These hardworking crew members work on the ship in the first place to support their families back at home. Because of this, the feeling of family between our cast and the greater crew was incredible. We supported each other through hard times, and celebrated the good. It was such an incredible experience to travel the world, to perform awesome shows regularly, and to dance every day! As for now, we have missed home dearly and we are excited for our return back to New York City.