On the cover of Rangefinder Magazine

Samantha and Brian - Photo by Michael George Photography - Range Finder Magazine Summer Portrait Issue 2015

When our good friend and ridiculously talented photographer, Michael George, contacted us to let us know we were to be on the cover of Rangefinder Magazine we were beyond belief! This is a great honor for Michael to have his photo selected as the cover of their summer portrait issue, Rangefinder’s most popular issue of the year! And of course this is a big deal for us too. We mean, WOW! Here is Michael’s description of the photo, which is printed in the inside cover:

“Samantha and Brian are those people who show up and immediately make everyone else in the room feel underdressed,” says Michael George of this photo. “They’re incredible dancers, beautiful personalities and recently engaged. We spent a day gallivanting around the city while shooting photos, both to promote their dance business and to celebrate their upcoming wedding. When Sam pulled out her lace umbrella, I knew I had to do something more dynamic than the classic over-the-shoulder shot. I asked the two of them to pose as if Sam was getting away (Mary Poppins-style) and Brian was trying to weigh her down. It’s always magical when the subject can listen to your directions and execute them flawlessly.”

Pick up your copy at stands next week!