“SWING! the Musical — Then and Now”

Mandi Gould - SWING! on the Norwegian Pearl - Samantha and Brian
Photo of Mandi Gould outside the Stardust Theater on the Norwegian Pearl

On our last Caribbean cruise we had a very small world experience. None other than the lovely Mandi Gould–organizer of literally the biggest Lindy Hop event of the century, Frankie100–was on board! Mandi and Brian met when she produced the Frankie100 show at The Apollo Theater which Brian performed in last year. Mandi signed up to cruise on the Norwegian Pearl along with her mom without any knowledge that the Broadway musical SWING! would be the main show on board, nor that we were a part of it! She wrote of her experience seeing us fly on stage bring authentic Lindy Hop to the show on the Frankie Manning Foundation website. Check out her blog on her review of SWING! aboard the Pearl, as well as a bit of history of the Lindy Hoppers who have performed in the show in the past!

Click here to read the full blog post “SWING! the Musical – Then & Now” by Mandi Gould: http://www.frankiemanningfoundation.org/swing-the-musical-then-now/

Photo below of Brian and Mandi sharing dance at a Swing and Ballroom Night in the Spinnaker Lounge aboard the Norwegian Pearl

Mandi Gould - SWING! on the Norwegian Pearl - Samantha and Brian