SWING!, Legends in Concert, and Pure Variety Install Complete on the Norwegian Pearl

It has been a wild ride here on the Norwegian Pearl! After 20 days of install, we put up three brand new shows for the Pearl! First we put up Pure Variety, a variety show which spans multiple eras and genres including funk, country, and disco. Next, we completed Legends in Concert which includes tribute artists impersonating Madonna, Tina Turner, and Elton John. And just a few days ago we finished with the main event, premiering the Broadway show SWING!

It’s been a roller coaster this past week…. Brian was so unfortunately sick he was unable to dance in the debut of SWING! (If you know Brian, you know he is Mr. Invincible and *never* gets injured or sick so this was especially upsetting!). It was a sad opening night in that regard, but it was also an exciting one as our rehearsal director, the incredible Matt Rivera, stepped in to partner with Samantha! It was such an honor for Samantha to perform with him, as he was assistant captain when the show was on Broadway and has been a part of setting the show for its multiple tours. Not to worry, Brian is feeling all the better now, and we will performing SWING! together for the first time this Tuesday!

We so adore this group of people who put together such incredible shows, and we miss those who have left after the completion of install. We are very thankful to be among these incredible individuals, and are beyond grateful for the opportunity to perform each show every week! A special thank you to Lynne Taylor-Corbett, Matt Rivera, Salina Bartunek, and all involved in debuting SWING! on our new home, the Pearl!