“Pass the Hat” Dance Video to Contribute to Samantha’s childhood dance teacher—The Robbie Perry Cancer Relief Fund

We are “passing the hat” encouraging you all to contribute to the fund of Samantha’s childhood teacher, Rob Perry, who has been diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. Over the weekend a dance video was released that Samantha assisted on with her friend and colleague Cassie Nordgren, and since has reached well over 1,200 views. This project gathered over 50 student alumni of Rob’s together in a dance video not only to honor Rob with choreography of his that we so loved over the years, but also as a way to “pass the hat” around to gather donations from around the globe from individuals inspired to help Rob with his financial woes. As a dance teacher, he cannot pay his bills if he is not working, and he needs our great help and support right now. In just 24 hours of the video’s release, $1,500 was donated to his GoFundMe page and we are so humbled and thrilled.

Please, continue to “Pass the Hat” by contributing to The Robbie Perry Cancer Relief Fund—it is absolutely true that ANYTHING helps—and also “Pass the Hat” by sharing the link to this “Pass the Hat” dance video to help it go viral to reach more and more people so that more and more people will want to contribute to Rob’s fund!

Donate to The Robbie Perry Cancer Relief Fund on the following donation pages:
GoFundMe: http://gofundme.com/robbiep
Jewelry for Life: http://shop.jewelryforlife.org/Donation-The-Robbie-Perry-Cancer-Relief-Fund-DRPCRF.htm

Share this link of the “Pass the Hat” dance video in honor of Rob:

Thank you all so much! Now please, if you feel so moved, Pass the Hat!