Fall 2014 Performance Class – 92nd Street Y and Yehoodi’s Frim Fram Jam

Samantha and Brian - Fall 2014 Performance Class - Swing Dance NYC - 92YSamantha and Brian - Fall 2014 Performance Class - Swing Dance NYCThis season we had the fortunate opportunity to work with 10 phenomenal human beings in our Fall 2014 Performance Class. Their performances at the 92nd Street Y Ballroom Party and Yehoodi.com’s Frim Fram Jam were just stellar. Over the course of 12 weeks we taught them a brand new Lindy Hop routine which included difficult lead and follow patterns, high-flying aerials, and just when we thought the routine was difficult enough we threw in a role reversal at the end where all the typical leaders learned to follow and vise-versa. Check out this video of them performing at “Fram”. Prepare to be amazed.

Video from their 92nd Street Y performance coming soon!