“Turn, Turn, Turn,” Celebrating Pete Seeger through Music and Dance with The Vanaver Caravan

A company we perform with, The Vanaver Caravan, needs your help! Today is the last day for our Indiegogo campaign to raise money for our new evening length production, “Turn, Turn, Turn,” Celebrating Pete Seeger through Music and Dance. Contributions will go toward paying the dancers for rehearsals, the creative team for their creative awesomeness, costumes, visual effects and other media elements.

Today, Sunday, November 2, is the last day to contribute!: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/vanaver-caravan-celebrates-pete-seeger-s-life

In this video, Pete Seeger says “The Vanaver Caravan is showing us how dancing can bring us all together”, when really we believe it is Pete’s music that brings us all together! Pete was a dear friend of the company and the directors of the Caravan, Bill and Livia Vanaver, so this show was created out of a genuine place of love for a truly remarkable individual. In 1996, Pete, Bill, and Livia created “Turn, Turn, Turn”, where Pete got to sing and perform live—oh, what a wonder that must have been. Now, we recreate and redevelop this show to sing and perform in his honor and in his memory. We have had a few preview performances of this show, including last night in Oneida, NY. Stay tuned for its debut, and please consider contributing today to making it all happen!