Bronxville Historical Conservancy – The Hotel Gramatan

Tonight we had the pleasure of performing for the Bronxville Historical Conservancy‘s event, The Hotel Gramatan & An Evening Reimagined. The event was an inspired recreation of Bronxville’s extravagant Hotel Gramatan as it was in the 1920’s. An internationally known destination, The Hotel Gramatan could only be recreated in an equally impressive locale, such as the West Village’s Jane Hotel. To help create the illusion of time travel, we donned our 1920’s evening wear and performed partnered dances of the era throughout the evening. We roamed the room, dancing and mingling with the guests taking them back in time. For a large portion of the evening, we even got to dance at the top of the staircase overlooking the rest of lounge. We love providing atmosphere for Roaring 20’s events, especially for a crowd as welcoming and friendly and open as this one!