Intro to Swing Dance and Foxtrot Workshops – Saturday, October 4

Each month we are excited to host a special workshop day which always includes an Intro to Swing Dance Workshop and a special workshop along with it–this month Intro to the Foxtrot! We are excited about these workshops as they will benefit Beginner and Advanced dancers alike.

Beginners: We will break down these dances into their basic forms so that you can start with a strong foundation and continue to grow and have fun in the dance! No partner needed, we will be constantly rotating in class. Also no experience needed, we’ll start bottom-up!

Advanced dancers: It is always worth while to freshen up on the basics of swing (we tend to forget them as we learn more and more figures!). And why not add the Foxtrot to your repertoire so you can integrate it into your social dancing! Swing dance and Foxtrot share the same music! Round out your dancing by attending these workshops.

Saturday, October 4
1:00 – 2:30pm Intro to Swing Dance
2:30 – 4:00pm Intro to the Foxtrot
Ripley-Grier 939 8th Avenue, 2nd Floor, Studio 2A

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P.S. Our next October cycle of Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced Thursday Group Classes begins October 9 (which you can also register for by clicking the above link!). We will also be hosting a student outing to Tick Tock Diner before going out swing dancing at Frim Fram Jam all together on Thursday, November 6. Save the date!

Samantha and Brian - Photo by Walter WlodarczykUs dancing a social Foxtrot at Michael Arenella’s The Winter Ball last winter season!
Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk