Dances of Vice: La Vie Parisienne 2014

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by joining a masquerade in an old Victorian home in the Financial District of New York City? Entering the front doors of the Downtown Association, you entered the world of 1930’s Paris, so perfectly crafted by Shien Lee of Dances of Vice! We have worked with Shien and Dances of Vice numerous times, providing atmosphere and social dancing the night away to the fantastic live music provided. From Charleston-ing to the incredible jams of our long-time favorite Carte Blanche, to Viennese Waltzing to the epic music of Pooquette, we had nothing short of an amazing time at La Vie Parisienne!

Can you spot us in the Where’s Waldo? photo below?

Top photo: Steve Wong
Bottom photo: Orion Weldon