The Winter Ball 2013

The Winter Ball 2013 - Samantha and Brian

The Winter Ball 2013, presented by Michael Arenella and His Dreamland Orchestra was a huge hit this weekend! We were thrilled when we were contacted by Roddy Caravella, of Roddy Caravella and His Canarsie Wobblers, to perform a “Fred and Ginger” routine to Michael Arenella’s incredible music. We presented a romantic and graceful choreography to “On a Slow Boat to China”, while Samantha had the pleasure of wearing a spectacular gown provided by the ever stylish Gretchen Fenston. It was a wonderful experience to present our own choreography, and a great honor for Roddy Caravella to provide us the opportunity to do so. The stars were aligned to make for a great event, with the cherry on top being that the weather outside was truly frightful! What evening could be better than The Winter Ball to let it snow!

To see a video of the same routine performed at the 92Y, click here.

Check out these awesome photos below by Walter Wlodarczyk!