“Pastures of Plenty” at West Kortright Centre

Samantha and Brian - The Vanaver CaravanWe absolutely love performing with The Vanaver Caravan, we always get pulled off into such unique towns and performances venues in New York State! Recently, we performed at the West Kortright Centre in Meredith, New York at a once Presbyterian church, transformed into the most gorgeous performance space. We performed “Pastures of Plenty”, a tribute to Woody Guthrie filled with a plethora of dance genres (and costume changes!): clogging, tap, modern, and Lindy Hop! The Vanaver Caravan is a beautiful family, led by Livia Vanaver who choreographs and directs, and husband Bill Vanaver who composes, sings, and plays every instrument known to man. Such a talented and powerful couple who warmly embrace all with open arms and hearts. We cannot wait to work with them again. Samantha and Brian - The Vanaver Caravan