Samantha at Lindy in the Park

Every Sunday San Francisco offers an incredible swing dance opportunity, Lindy in the Park! Located in Golden Gate Park, this weekly event draws in seasoned dancers and newcomers alike to dance together on a beautiful afternoon, and for free! I had the pleasure to teach the beginner lesson of 120+ dancers alongside Hep Jen, the regular teacher for the event. She even let me wear her “Leader’s Cap” that she wears every time she is the leader of the lesson! It was a great honor to spread my love of swing in my hometown area. I was able to connect with so many new dancers and new friends! Many, many thanks to Jen, Ken, and Naomi for putting on this incredible event, and to allow me to teach and connect with the Bay Area swing community!

If you’re ever in San Francisco on a Sunday afternoon, this event is a must. Tell the organizers I referred you!


Samantha L Siegel at Lindy in the Park
Photos by Kris Siegel