“Dancing Full Circle with Samantha L Siegel”

My first day in California was absolutely packed with an amazing amount of swing dancing! From a video interview, to a swing workshop, to rehearsal for a 1920’s gig, it was “go go go!” from the start! In the afternoon I had an amazing time teaching my friends and family an “Intro to Swing Dance” workshop in my hometown of Castro Valley, California. It was the first time I have been able to bring my love of swing and partnered dance back to my home state, and I couldn’t have been happier to share it with dear people in my life. Best part was that a mother of a New York City friend of mine lives in the Bay Area and she came by to photograph the first portion of class! Many, many thanks to Bonnie Lee Kellogg for these great photos from my workshop!

A highlight of my trip home was that I was featured on Castro Valley TV, in a segment called “Dancing Full Circle with Samantha L Siegel”. In this short video interview, I speak about coming full circle back to Castro Valley, from growing up at Castro Valley Performing Arts, my path of studying dance at New York University, to my professional partnership with Brian T Lawton in New York City, and coming back around to visiting my hometown to share my love of partnered dancing. Huge thanks to Chester L Wehe for making this happen! Enjoy!

Samantha L Siegel on Castro Valley News