Jazz Age Lawn Party 2013

This weekend, we returned to Governor’s Island to perform at the 8th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party with Roddy Caravella and His Canarsie Wobblers. This year was an especially exciting year to perform with The Wobblers. Not only was the dance floor twice as large, but we also performed twice as many dances as we usually do, including a brand new solo Charleston mens piece. And when the hype of the event wasn’t enough, Baz Luhrman, director of Gatsby showed up to enjoy the event!

This weekend also received some fantastic publicity in New York, the U.S. and even abroad! Below are some links to notable sources who covered the event, which also included photos of us! The Gothamist even included a video of one of our performances! What a thrill!

The Guardian – “Jazz age picnic captures Gatsby’s New York — in pictures”

The NY Post – “Welcome to the Baz Age”

The Gothamist – “Photos: Jazz Age Lawn Party Bring Governors Island Back in Time”


Update: Brian has been turned into a GIF! Check out #4 on BuzzFeed’s “Awesome and Unconventional Ways to Make Friends as an Adult”