Bronxville Field Club Swing Party

Bronxville Field Club BoutineersTonight we were invited to teach and perform at the Bronxville Field Club, where we donned our yellow rose boutineers to set us apart as  the professional swing dancers of the evening. We taught a beginner lesson and performed one of our favorite routines, “Accentuate the Positive”. If you haven’t seen this one, click here to watch the video of our performance at the 92Y, back in December. For the rest of the evening we danced and mingled with the guests to the fantastic tunes of Stan Rubin and His Orchestra, who amazingly had the vocal doppelgängers of Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong. We were also incredibly impressed with the attendees of the event, as only a select few had ever danced swing before and the rest were so eager to learn and put these new steps to good use after our lesson. Needless to say, the dance floor was constantly packed! Apparently Bronxville is a town inhabited by residents without inhibitions! It seemed that everyone truly enjoyed themselves, and we couldn’t be happier.