Valentine’s Day Masquerade Ball


Tonight we again had the pleasure of dancing at a Dances of Vice event. We were already excited when we were asked us to come dance at the Valentine’s Ball, so you can imagine how elated we were to hear that it was a masquerade! After some quick mask shopping, we invited all of our students to join us and organized a group of about ten people to attend the event. We also discovered that we would be dancing to the tunes of Carte Blanche, a revivalist jazz group specializing in classic American 20’s and 30’s jazz, French, and Latin American music. We had the chance to dance to their music once before at another Dance’s of Vice party (which you can read about here: The Core Club’s Annual Speakeasy) so we already knew we had a great evening ahead of us. Even though the floor was packed with people and our dancing space tended to be a bit restricted at times, we had great music and got to dance swings, rumbas, salsas, sambas, and even a few Viennese waltzes. A band will always make or break an event, and tonight was made in a big way!