Cirque Off 2013

Cirque Off 2013This year we once again returned to Triskelion Arts to perform in The 6th Annual “Cirque Off” with Ground Grippers Dance Company. The company performed a piece of Brian’s choreography, a two couple dance to the song “Kalamazoo” sung by The Nicholas Brothers. The exciting part of the performance was that it spanned the entire weekend and featured Ground Grippers on both Friday and Sunday nights. Dancing in a group that fuses modern dance and Lindy Hop, we perform in a multitude of venues and alongside many different styles of dance. However it is only once a year that we get to share the stage with singers, actors, clowns, musicians, and comedians all in a single night. After a show full of outrageous characters, magic tricks, and funny/creepy clown masks, we were told that our dancing was extremely professional and that our tight and rehearsed routine brought the evening to another level. Imagine that! Lindy Hop, with its wild energy, seeming organized and refined next to other acts!