Fête de l’Hurricane

Photo by Michelle Pellizzon

Tonight we performed at The Red Bean Studios at Fête de l’Hurricane. The event was put on by owners, Carrie and Jason Brown, in the spirit of a Louisianan Fête de l’Hurricane, or a “Hurricane Party”. The idea is that during a hurricane, when the lights go out and life is put on hold for a while (as we in New York City have recently experienced), friends gather and enjoy good company, lots of food, and in this case, dancing. While the evening was first and foremost a series of performances by emerging artists, it had the feeling of a gathering of friends and made the dance world feel just a little bit smaller. We were thrilled to once again perform our latest piece of choreography, “Accentuate the Positive,” but this time for a modern dance crowd and showcase material that stood out starkly from the rest of the performances that night. When we receive feedback from audience members after performances, we love to hear phrases like, “I was jumping in my seat the whole time! I just wanted to get up and dance!”. Good dancing, food, friends, dancing, and dancing. Today was a good day.