The Winter Ball

Tonight we got dressed to the nines and headed to the Time Warner Center to perform at The Winter Ball. The event is an annual black tie affair (even though Brian wore a white bowtie with his tails) put on by Michael Arenella and His Dreamland Orchestra. There was food, dancing, a spectacular view, and plenty of good company. We danced to the tunes of Michael and his orchestra as well as to the songs of the amazingly talented Gelber and Manning. We performed two pieces with Roddy Caravella for a very responsive audience who crowded in around the dance floor to see the spectacle. The mood of the evening was a dark and moody 20’s club, and as a result, even the dance floor was dimly lit. Yet despite the fact that the audience could only see us from the waist up, for our dancing feet were concealed entirely in blackness, they still stamped and clapped at the end of each number. This just goes to show that the age old sayings of, “The steps don’t matter,” and, “No one is looking at your feet anyway,” are actually true. Last night has taught us that it is not about the intricacies of the steps or the complexity of the choreography, but instead the energy that one gives to the audience that elicits a positive reaction. One could say that dancing for an audience is one half footwork and one half presentation.