Swing Remix Dance Party

Swing RemixTonight we had such a great time teaching the students at Swing Remix‘s monthly dance party. We had a very nice turn out for the intermediate class entitled, “Jazzin’ Up Your Lindy Hop,” and all of the students who attended were at the perfect level in their dancing to attain that delicate balance of challenge and comfort. As you may know already, one of the most difficult parts of learning to dance is knowing what level class to take. If a class is too easy, you will stay within your comfort zone and not push your dancing to the next level (although you should never pass up an opportunity to review the basics!). If a class is too advanced, the material will be far above your head and the class will undoubtedly be frustrating and unedifying. Thankfully, all of the students last night were right were they should have been and mastered how to put Cross Overs, Tacky Annies, Boogie Backs, and Boogie Fronts into their social dancing!