UPAC’s Festival of Dance 2012

UPAC-view-from-balconyThis weekend we had the privilege to perform with Swing FX at the Festival of Dance at Ulster Performing Arts Center (UPAC). We had the chance to perform choreography by Ryan Francois as well as a newly choreographed number by fellow company member Nathan Bugh. It is always so thrilling to bring Lindy Hop to a full sized theatre. There is nothing better than bringing this vintage social dance to the stage!

The best part about dancing at this festival at UPAC is performing along side every type of dance under the sun! It’s amazing how the same audience can be entertained by swing, ballet, hip hop, tap, step, clogging, and more all in the same night. All are vastly different styles of dance, but the same medium of communication, and are all presented side by side for one evening in a celebration of physical expression. As professional Lindy Hop partners, we strive to make vernacular jazz a dance style to be reckoned with, and not just a case of the “Oh, that was cute.” disease! Swing is a style of dance that is just as innovative and creative as the more mainstream forms of ballet, contemporary, and modern choreography. Swing does not exist solely in the 1930’s and 40’s, but in the present, and we want to prove that to you. As Michael Jagger, the Co-Artistic Director of Swing FX, put it, “If something is good, genuinely good, it doesn’t necessarily have to belong in a certain era.”