Friday Swing Dance Classes in NYC with Guest Instructor Laura Jeffers

Every day we’re away from NYC we miss our home and our students more and more. We are so thankful that our teacher and mentor Laura Jeffers is continuing our weekly Lindy Hop group classes and Spring 2015 Performance Class while we are cruising and performing the Broadway show SWING! with Norwegian Cruise Line.

After fun February and March cycles of group classes in New York City with Laura Jeffers, we are continuing into April for a new 4-week cycle!


Intermediate Swing Dance Classes with guest instructor Laura Jeffers
APRIL 4-week cycle: April 3, 10, 17, 24
All classes are held at 889 Broadway at 19th Street, Solomons Studio 4A, 4th Floor

Samantha and Brian Lindy Hop and Swing Dance Classes NYC with guest instructor Laura Jeffers

SWING!, Legends in Concert, and Pure Variety Install Complete on the Norwegian Pearl

It has been a wild ride here on the Norwegian Pearl! After 20 days of install, we put up three brand new shows for the Pearl! First we put up Pure Variety, a variety show which spans multiple eras and genres including funk, country, and disco. Next, we completed Legends in Concert which includes tribute artists impersonating Madonna, Tina Turner, and Elton John. And just a few days ago we finished with the main event, premiering the Broadway show SWING!

It’s been a roller coaster this past week…. Brian was so unfortunately sick he was unable to dance in the debut of SWING! (If you know Brian, you know he is Mr. Invincible and *never* gets injured or sick so this was especially upsetting!). It was a sad opening night in that regard, but it was also an exciting one as our rehearsal director, the incredible Matt Rivera, stepped in to partner with Samantha! It was such an honor for Samantha to perform with him, as he was assistant captain when the show was on Broadway and has been a part of setting the show for its multiple tours. Not to worry, Brian is feeling all the better now, and we will performing SWING! together for the first time this Tuesday!

We so adore this group of people who put together such incredible shows, and we miss those who have left after the completion of install. We are very thankful to be among these incredible individuals, and are beyond grateful for the opportunity to perform each show every week! A special thank you to Lynne Taylor-Corbett, Matt Rivera, Salina Bartunek, and all involved in debuting SWING! on our new home, the Pearl!

Legends in Concert with Travis Payne and Stacy Walker for Norwegian Cruise Line

Samantha and Brian NCL Legends in Concert with Travis Payne and Stacy WalkerIt was such an incredible time working on Legends in Concert for Norwegian Cruise Line with the incredible Travis Payne and Stacy Walker. They are both such phenomenal individuals, and we greatly admire how well they work together as team. We very much look up to them for how generous they are in their partnership. What honor it was to work with Travis and Stacy, who have worked with the likes of Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. For them to set choreography on us was simply beyond words!

Spring 2015 Performance Class with Guest Choreographer Laura Jeffers

Samantha and Brian's Fall 2014 Performance Class. Photo by Samantha L SiegelSign up for our Spring 2015 Performance Class in NYC, with guest choreographer Laura Jeffers! Laura Jeffers is a Lindy Hop all-star, our teacher and mentor, and the director of The Big Apple Lindy Hoppers! You’re going to have a blast with her!


Fridays, 8:00-9:30pm (1.5 hours each night)
8 weeks (12 hours): March 13 – May 1
All classes located at 889 Broadway, Solomons Studio, 4th Floor

Saturday, May 2 at the 92Y Ballroom Party
Thursday, May 7 at Frim Fram Jam

Sign-up today!

Photos below of awesome dancers from our Fall 2014 Performance Class, performing at the 92Y Ballroom Party last December, taken by Samantha herself!

Update from Florida: SWING! rehearsal complete!

It’s been a blast these past two weeks learning the Broadway show SWING! It has truly been honor to work with the original Broadway director and choreographer Lynne Taylor-Corbett, rehearsal directors Kim Craven and Matt Rivera, and our bungee coach Salina Bartunek-Andrews. In just two short weeks we finished learning SWING! for Norwegian Cruise Line, and now we move on to learning two more shows to perform on the ship. What a blessing this has all been!

Exciting Update as of February 8: We are excited to announce that as of this week we have been made co-dance captains of SWING! and the other shows we are set to perform on the Norwegian Pearl! Samantha has also been made flight captain for the bungee routine in SWING! It’s been an exciting week, with even more exciting times ahead! We are so very grateful.

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Want to come cruisin’?? We sail on the Norwegian Pearl March 6 to August 23. Book any cruise during that time and come watch us perform, and sail with us to the Carribean, Bahamas, Panama Canal, Pacific Coast, Seattle, Canada, and Alaska!
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Intermediate Lindy Hop Workshop and Weekly Swing Dance Classes with Guest Instructor Laura Jeffers in NYC

Samantha and Brian Lindy Hop and Swing Dance Classes NYC

It’s been a week since we’ve arrived in Tampa, Florida for rehearsals for SWING! the Broadway musical on Norwegian Cruise Line, but it’s felt like ages since we’ve seen our home and our swing dance family back in New York City. While we are away rehearsing and performing until the fall of this year, we have a line-up of swing dance offerings in NYC that we are so proud to be hosting. Our own teacher and mentor, Laura Jeffers, will be taking over teaching monthly Intermediate Lindy Hop Workshops and Weekly Swing Dance Group Classes in our stead, as well as be the guest choreographer for our Spring 2015 Performance Class. If you would like to participate in our Performance Class, fill out the following survey, and see below for information on our upcoming workshop and classes with Laura Jeffers!

SURVEY: Spring 2015 Performance Class

Weekly Swing Dance Classes with Guest Instructor Laura Jeffers
hosted by Samantha and Brian!
Fridays, 7:00-8:00pm
February 6, 13, 20, 27
Knowledge of the swingout required.

Week 1: First class on February 6 held at 520 Eighth Avenue between 36 and 37th Streets, 16th Floor, Studio 16J, (Ripley-Grier Studios)
Weeks 2-4: All remaining classes held at our usual space at 889 Broadway at 19th Street, Solomons Studio 4A, 4th Floor

>> CLICK HERE to register for our Weekly Swing Dance Classes on Fridays with Laura Jeffers!

Don’t know the swingout?
Email us and we’ll get you in touch with Laura to catch up in time!

Our February Lindy Hop Workshop with Laura Jeffers has been postponed. 
Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming workshop!

Our Final Dance at the Rainbow Room until the Fall: with George Gee Swing Orchestra

Samantha and Brian - Syncopated City Dance Company - Rainbow Room - George Gee Swing OrchestraTonight was our final time dancing at the Rainbow Room on top of Rockefeller Plaza until the fall! It was an epic night dancing with friends Michelle Puskas and Peter Bullen on behalf of Syncopated City Dance Company. When we return to NYC, we very much look forward to providing more Monday night entertainment with great bands, like tonight with George Gee Swing Orchestra. We are going to miss our NYC!

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Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra
James Langton’s New York All-Star Big Band
George Gee Swing Orchestra

“Pass the Hat” Dance Video to Contribute to Samantha’s childhood dance teacher—The Robbie Perry Cancer Relief Fund

We are “passing the hat” encouraging you all to contribute to the fund of Samantha’s childhood teacher, Rob Perry, who has been diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. Over the weekend a dance video was released that Samantha assisted on with her friend and colleague Cassie Nordgren, and since has reached well over 1,200 views. This project gathered over 50 student alumni of Rob’s together in a dance video not only to honor Rob with choreography of his that we so loved over the years, but also as a way to “pass the hat” around to gather donations from around the globe from individuals inspired to help Rob with his financial woes. As a dance teacher, he cannot pay his bills if he is not working, and he needs our great help and support right now. In just 24 hours of the video’s release, $1,500 was donated to his GoFundMe page and we are so humbled and thrilled.

Please, continue to “Pass the Hat” by contributing to The Robbie Perry Cancer Relief Fund—it is absolutely true that ANYTHING helps—and also “Pass the Hat” by sharing the link to this “Pass the Hat” dance video to help it go viral to reach more and more people so that more and more people will want to contribute to Rob’s fund!

Donate to The Robbie Perry Cancer Relief Fund on the following donation pages:
Jewelry for Life:

Share this link of the “Pass the Hat” dance video in honor of Rob:

Thank you all so much! Now please, if you feel so moved, Pass the Hat!

New Year’s Eve 2015: Dances of Vice and Liberty Theater

Happy 2015! We spent our New Year’s Eve dancing at two events, Liberty Theater in Times Square and Shien Lee‘s Dances of Vice: New Year’s Eve 2014, HOLLYWOOD from the Silent Era to the Golden Age! We love being hired as swing dancers to create the 1920’s atmosphere to Great Gatsby and Hollywood-themed events. We had the pleasure of entertaining and also dancing with guests throughout the evening who, like us, were enjoying celebrating a wonderful finish to 2014 and coming of a new 2015! Here is to the new year ahead of us! May we all dance the whole way through!

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BREAKING NEWS: We’ve been cast in SWING! the Broadway Show for Norwegian Cruise Line!


We have some very exciting news to share with you! We have been offered and just accepted the role of the lead Lindy Hop couple in the Broadway show SWING! on Norwegian Cruise Line! It is phenomenal opportunity for us to be able to perform in a show of this caliber and to work with the original Broadway director/choreographer Lynne Taylor-Corbett. It is also a true honor to follow in the footsteps of Ryan Francois and Jenny Thomas who were the original Lindy Hop couple in the Broadway show, and Michael Jagger and Evita Arce who performed the role in the Japan tour! Though it is a phenomenal opportunity, and despite our excitement, it was a very tough decision to make, as we are going to miss our life in New York City–our regular classes, students, and home-based performances. We are going to be very sad to leave New York City so soon–Sunday, January 18–but we will return back to the swing of things again in Fall 2015 with our usual private lessons, weekly group classes, and monthly workshops.

That being said, we have some fun things in stock for you before we go, and we won’t leave you hanging while we’re away.

>> Before we leave: Two final workshops and a private lesson special for when we return!
– Friday, January 9, 2015: Swing Dance Crash Course and Solo Jazz Steps (All Levels)
6:30-9:30pm at 889 Broadway at 19th Street. **Groupon redeemable**
– Friday, January 16, 2015: Special Intermediate and Advanced Workshops, with Guest Instructor Laura Jeffers for the Advanced Workshop! 6:30-9:30pm at 889 Broadway at 19th Street
– Now until January 18, 2015: Hurry and grab a private lesson with one of us before we leave town!
– Now until January 31, 2015: Receive a special 50% OFF on advanced orders for private lessons to be scheduled in Fall 2015! Use discount code “SWING!” when processing your order. Offer expires January 31, 2015. Redeemable September to December 31, 2015.

More information on a substitute instructor for our monthly workshops and a guest choreographer for our Spring 2015 Performance Class coming soon!

While away, we promise to keep you updated with photos, videos, and recollections of memories of our experiences so be sure to stayed tuned here on our website, our Samantha and Brian Facebook pageand by following us on Instagram: @sam_and_brian! Thank you all for your continuous support through everything. We look forward to this new adventure in our life together!


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